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2022 Congressional Districts

On this page, you will find information regarding the 2022 Pennsylvania congressional districts. This page is designed to help Pennsylvania citizens understand the redistricting changes to their congressional district boundaries.

Congressional District Map

2022 state senate districts map

If you have any questions, please call the Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation toll-free at 1-877-868-3772 or contact your county election office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for voters?

Redistricting changes the congressional district boundaries in Pennsylvania, based on the 2020 census, for the next 10 years. Your polling place has not changed, unless your county changed your polling place for reasons unrelated to redistricting.  The boundaries of your congressional district will change.

Who is my current representative?

Your current representative in Congress will remain the same until a new representative has been elected under the new district lines.

How can I find out what district I’m in?

To find your district, view the map above or read the verbal descriptions.

Voters who are unsure of their district, or if they live in a split municipality or ward,  should call their county election office to check their new district by residential address.

What does this mean for the Primary Election on May 17?

When you vote in the Primary Election on May 17, 2022, you will be voting for your party’s candidate in your new district. 

How is the November General Election affected?

Voters will choose their new representative in Congress based on the boundaries of the new maps. Otherwise, the election will not change. 

Where will I go to vote?

Your polling place has not changed, unless your county changed your polling place for reasons unrelated to redistricting. You should continue to use the same polling place that is listed on your voter registration card, or you can find your polling place at:

Will I need a new voter registration card?

No, your current voter registration card is still valid. Even if your district number changed, your voter registration card will not change. 

My district number has changed; does that mean my representative in Congress changed?

Your current representative in Congress did not change. Voters will have an opportunity to vote for a candidate to represent them in the next term of Congress.

2022 Congressional Districts by Verbal Descriptions

A district-by-district breakdown of the congressional districts.


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