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Moving to

New Address. Same Trusted Information.

The official Pennsylvania election and voter information website is changing its address to

Don't worry.  All links will still work for at least a year to give everyone time to update their websites, emails, bookmarks, printed materials, and search results. 

All links to will simply redirect to the same page on

When will this happen?

The new address is working now: and contains the SAME OFFICIAL & TRUSTED Pennsylvania elections information as the previous address. All website traffic to will automatically forward to

Other materials will be updated on a rolling basis with a target goal of having all DOS material updated within one year. At the end of that year, DOS will decide if an extension is needed.



While is an official PA state government website, some visitors had reason to doubt its authenticity because anyone can buy a .com domain.

By moving to visitors can be reassured that the information they are reading is TRUSTWORTHY and OFFICIAL because:

  • ONLY official government organizations can use a .gov address and
  • ONLY official Pennsylvania state government agencies can use

The DOTGOV Online Trust in Government Act places the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in charge of administering .gov domain name registration and directs them to provide support for countering malicious cyber activity and improvements for cyber security. This will allow for more advanced encryption and monitoring methods.



All of the content from was migrated to and the old links still work. They will automatically forward you to the same trusted content on

What do I need to do?

You can help by updating:

  • your bookmarks
  • links in your emails
  • links on your website (if you manage one)
    • Please note this specific change: if you use please update that link to

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