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​Report election complaints

Everyone can help keep elections fair and honest by reporting problems.

The Pennsylvania Department of State oversees elections in Pennsylvania. It’s our job to keep elections fair and honest. If you are aware of election fraud or irregularities, you can report it to your county board of elections using the online form below. You must be registered to vote in Pennsylvania to file a complaint using this online complaint form. Therefore, your name and address information must match your voter registration record.

How do I report an election complaint?

  • Report polling place issues to the JUDGE OF ELECTIONS at your polling place before you leave.
  • If your issue is not resolved by the Judge of Elections, report the issue to your COUNTY ELECTION OFFICE by using the Online Complaint Form.

If you have a more immediate need, please call the voter hotline at

Use the online complaint form to let us know:

  • if you believe your rights have been violated,
  • if you have a complaint about how elections in Pennsylvania are conducted, or
  • are aware of any voter fraud, please use the online form to let us know about it.

When you fill out the online complaint form, we send your personal information and the details you provide to the appropriate authorities. They may contact you for more information.

Potential violations to election law get investigated by:

  • the county board of elections,
  • the county district attorney, or
  • the Pennsylvania Attorney General. 
A complaint filed with an online form will not change the results of an election.